Preservation Services Offered by Mountain Brook Consulting

Mountain Brook Consulting offers landscape preservation services tailored to your project needs. Services may include any or all of the following:

Preliminary Research

Because landscapes are fragile and complex, their preservation should begin early in any project. A construction crew can easily wipe out three hundred years of history in a few hours and equipment can kill valuable trees simply by running across their roots.

Preliminary research involves a brief survey of the site and documentation that identifies sensitive areas that could be easily damaged, establishes significance and integrity of site and features, and determines the amount of information that may be available on its history. These findings are presented as a written report that may help your organization to

  • Determine the scope and depth of the Cultural Landscape Report
  • Make immediate management decisions
  • Identify features and plants that need prompt stabilization
  • Plan fundraising programs
Cultural Landscape Reports

I. Site Research & Documentation

Before any work is begun a thorough survey and assessment of the existing landscape should be done to records the site as it is. All the existing evidence of earlier layouts and features, such as walls, garden beds, will appear on this document, as well as modern utilities and plantings.

The documentation of the landscape continues with a search for the historical record in letters, deeds, photos, illustrations, and local lore.  

II. Analysis & Evaluation

Information from the site assessment and historical research will be interpreted and produced as a report that is illustrated with supporting materials, such as plans, photos, and sketches. This can be used as a guide to understanding the site and to planning its preservation, management, and maintenance.

The objectives of the Report may be to:

  • Determine the significance of the site and its history
  • Identify landscape features and evaluate their conditions
  • Determine how the site has changed over time
  • Determine design and planting concepts
  • Suggest further investigations or research

III. Preservation Planning

The report can further recommend:

  • Organize treatment activities
  • Recommend the protection and maintenance of historic trees and plants
  • Plan repairs and replacement to features, trees, or plantings
  • Determine specialized expertise to implement preservation treatments
  • Create a timeline of achievable tasks based on seasonal requirements and available resources
Additional Services

Advising on Accessibility Requirement Compliance
Public buildings are required to provide equal access to those in wheelchairs. This can generally be achieved without damage to structures and landscapes.

Special Site or Plant Surveys
On the ground fieldwork to inventory and document existing planting or landscape layout and features.

Advising on landscape interpretation and the development of guides and programs

Maintenance Schedules
Routine landscape care is broken down into a sequence of tasks that may be required seasonally, monthly, or weekly. Costs of labor and products and annual expenses may be estimated.

All preservation work done by Mountain Brook Consulting will be in accordance with National Park Service recommendations contained in the Cultural Resource Management Guideline , NPS 28, no. 5, the National Register of Historic Places Criteria and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

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